Fiber Coconut

Coconut fiber is waste from coconut, the remaining part of the coconut fiber is coco peat block in the form of powder. Each coconut produces an average of 0.15 kilograms of coco fiber, and 0.39 kilograms of coconut coir powder.

  • Color:

Light Brown

  • Moisture:

15% (maximum)

  • Impurity:

5% (maximum)

  • Packaging:

Tightly Strapped Bales

Fresh Coconut

Coconuts are difficult to classify as fruit, nut or seed. They are very sweet and tend to be eaten like fruits. Like nuts, they have a tough outer shell. It can also grow like a seed. Inside it there is a liquid that can be drunk or processed into sugar or nata de coco.

  • Shape:

Whole / Peeled

  • Origin:


  • Color:

Green (Young)

  • Packaging:

Sack Bag / Bulk / Box

Peeled Coconut

We provide peeled young coconut and peeled old coconut. Young coconut has a lot of water content and soft fruit flesh. While old coconut has thick flesh (Copra), hard shell, and dense brown fiber that can be processed into other products.

  • Peeled Old Coconut

  • Peeled Young Coconut

Dessicated Coconut

Desiccated Coconut is made from grated dried meat of a coconut, and graded by its cutting size. Desiccated Coconut commonly using for toppings and as ingredients, especially in the baking of cakes, snack, biscuits, and cookies.

  • Color:


  • M & I:

3% (maximum)

  • Protein:

6% (minimum)

  • Packaging:

Kraft Bag / Box

Coconut Shell Briquette

We provide Charcoal Shell Briquette in several forms. This briquette is made from crushed coconut and then shaped as needed. Charcoal Briquette can be used for cooking (BBQ), shisha, and other. Quality in these briquettes depends on the grade.

  • Ash:

5% (maximum)

  • Moisture:

6% (maximum)

  • Fix Carbon:

75% (minimum)

  • Packaging: